The company Geovision CNC was created in 2012 from a strong, long-term partnership between France’s Thomas Michel and a China’s Jo Zhou, who have more than 10 years’ experience.

The company was born from an increasing need to manufacture precise parts, with high requirements, while controlling all of the steps from buying the material to choosing the machines and following the production until the final steps of quality control, while having an efficient staff.

While it might seem easy to find a good partner when you want to manufacture in Asia, it is in fact, much harder than it seems.

Geovision CNC promises you the satisfaction of working with professionals who will assist you in all of the steps of your project, while keeping you completely informed. We have a multilingual team based in Asia and Europe composed of 5 engineers, 11 operators, 3 quality control personnel, 2 managers and 4 sales associates. Between these people Geovision CNC is fluent in English, Chinese and French.

Our vision, our missions, our values

At Geovision CNC, we are convinced that the “Made in China” label does not have to mean low quality products. We want to be recognized as a successful company in terms of quality, flexibility, competitiveness and customer support. We want to offer our customers an effective solution for their prototypes and production of small to mid-sized series precision machinery in order to enable them to increase their competitiveness. With us, everything is clear, from the quote, to research, to production, to delivery, there are no surprises.