It is vital to control all of the processes from the research and development stages to the production and, if it’s needed, externally with contractors.

With an efficient, well experienced staff at your service, Geovision CNC is bringing you the guarantee of a job well done while respecting your precise specifications for your desired results, at a competitive price.

Choosing us is choosing an experienced and multilingual team with 10 years  of expertise in aluminum.

Our history with contractors in Asia tells us that there are many factors responsible for bad quality and/or delays; lack of organization, poorly trained staff, and mistakes in translations are just some examples.

So, in 2012 Geovision CNC was naturally born by our desire to control the whole production and information chain.


Communication is the key for effective collaboration. At Geovision CNC, we know that our products’ quality is as important as a good relationship with our customers. The respect of delays and quality are two aspects which are really appreciated by our customers all over the world.


We know that a happy employee is a productive employee. Here at Geovision CNC, we have combined European management skills with Chinese production lines, creating cultural diversity, expertise, and professionalism unmatched by others, ensuring a high quality product.


We are able to make any type of part from many different materials. We provide an efficient supply chain to ensure on-time delivery and strict quality control for all of our products. To increase our productivity results, our machines and staff are constantly on the lookout for the best machining techniques and operate 7 days a week.