Geovision CNC consists of 2 partners with a combined 10 years in manufacturing and sales. Our team is split between our export operations, anchored by Thomas Michel formally the general maganer of strategic development and Jo Zhou who has been in machining CNC business since 2003 and heads our Chinese production lines.


General Manager

“Asia is a growing part of the world which is opening itself more and more. My experience here was full of discoveries and surprises of many kinds. Trust me. But when you finally cross the cultural and language barriers, you have in front of you a real potential for productivity. My technical knowledge and strong management skills, linked with the local peoples understanding and hard work, will provide you with a high quality of service and innovative production skills.
With Geovision CNC, the famous “made in China” label is not synonymous with poor quality or production delays. Today our image is powerful and our customers have confidence in us, this is thanks to all of the qualities we have learned through our many years’ of experience.”


Production Manager

“I come from Hubei province which is located in central China. My mission is to harmonize the European management style with our very experienced, local labour. By 36 years of age I have already had 10 years of experience in aluminum, manufacturing electronics, machine tools, communication tools, medical equipment, auto accessories, and model making, just to name a few. So I decided this company was the next challenge I needed to undertake. Today, our customers in Germany, Switzerland, and France value my strong work ethic, which has a strong focus on strict deadlines, and my demand for a job well done. Trust and communication; these are the key factors that drive daily work with my team. Our success has enabled us to move into a larger premises in 2014 and, more recently, we have created a new website.”