In partnership with our clients, Geovision CNC has set up a fully serviced pre and post-production system. Including, but not limited to, designing plans and prototyping, stock and logistics management, as well as surface treatments and finishing operations of your machined parts in our factory.


Geovision CNC offers full designing services such as feasibility studying and assembly studying. We are also able to provide our customers assistance in the creation of the 3D drawings or tips for changing your existing plans. Geovision CNC offers co-design and co-development services which respect both the ethics and confidentiality of your project, ensuring the protection of all sensitive information. Our staff is composed of 5 engineers available to help at anytime.


We also provide production services in small to mid-sized series of your prototypes according to your specifications, made in 4-10 days depending on the complexity of the project. From an initial study incorporating your drawings, the Geovision CNC design office will establish the production means and resources required (choice of materials, machine tools, design programs, etc.) for the industrialization of your project.


Thanks to our usual suppliers, whom provide a very good rate, Geovision CNC offers a management solution for your logistics and your transportation as it relates to your needs, your budget and your time. We are able to manufacture parts on schedule and then deliver them. We select the best carriers to ensure that products arrive at their destination without damage.