Geovision CNC is specialized in studying, developing and manufacturing precise CNC machining parts through machining processes in CNC and conventional machining. Our factory production lines are composed of the following equipment: Automatic lathe, CNC lathe, and CNC machining center (three, four, and five axis with Japanese Mitsubishi software). Thanks to all of this equipment, we are able to do prototyping and production of small to mid-sized series precision machining with precise machining of a 0.005mm accuracy for our customers all around the world. We use many different materials, with any surface treatment, for all applications.

CNC milling machining section

Our factories are exclusively equipped with the very latest CNC machining centres and lathes, enabling us to satisfy our clients’ needs however complex. We carry out machining and milling on all materials (aluminium, stainless steel, bronze, brass, plastic, etc…) in sizes from 20-120 mm and in small and medium batches.

Numerically-controlled milling and turning

Our numerical turning workshop has 5 numerically-controlled cutting machines, most equipped with bar feeders to increase productivity. Equipped with our software, we can quickly produce high-performance and optimised machining programs, to shape the forms you imagine, whether by our side or not.


We machine and turn all metals and other materials detailed below. Below is the list of materials that we machine most commonly which are available immediately from our suppliers.

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We, and our qualified subcontractors, can offer surface treatments on your machined parts in our factory, in any type of anodizing, plating, liquid, powder coat treatments and finishing…

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Furthermore, if required, Geovision CNC offers assembly services on the machined parts in our factory. We manufacture the parts, order some supplies, and put together your final project.

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We performs a rigorous quality control of all our parts at every step of the machining process. 100% of the parts out of our machines must pass a meticulous quality control inspection.

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